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Home Decor Inspo + Links Where to Shop

Hey guys!

This year I've made it a point to share more home decor inspiration over on my Instagram account.  I am constantly rearranging things, adding plants, buying and transitioning decor between seasons.  It's something that I love to do so I thought I would share more photos here plus links where to shop.

For those of you that don't know, we are a military family.  My husband has been in the Marine Corps. for many, many years.  With that being said, we move around a lot.  It's important for us to make every new house feel like home.  We decorate, paint, do everything we want, no matter how long we are there for.  Cozy and stylish above all else. LOL

Today I'll be sharing some of my favorites rooms and corners throughout our house and at the end of this post you'll find links to everything that is still available.

Oceanside's 2 Cutest Plant Shops You Have to Visit

Hey guys!

If you've been to Oceanside, California I'm sure you've explored the route 101 area, aka Pacific Coast Highway.  There are tons of shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and the Oceanside pier.  If you're anything like me, you love a good plant shop.  Two new shops have popped up that I know you guys would love!

Landmark Plant Co. recently opened their second location in Oceanside a few months ago and it is so good!  There's a potting station, plants and succulents galore, home goods, gifts, wellness products, paper goods, and more. The ladies there are super helpful and friendly. It's in a great area, just walking distance from some of my favorite restaurants.

16 Pieces For Spring That You Won't Believe Are From Forever 21

With Spring quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to grab some new pieces to refresh your wardrobe.  Forever 21 has really stepped up their game this season.  I have rounded up my favorite pieces that you won't believe are all under $50.  Happy Shopping!!

Photo Diary: Hello Again, East Coast

Heyyy! I'm officially back in SoCal after a few weeks on the east coast.  My husband, Angel, was promoted earlier this month in VA and the whole family travelled to attend his promotion ceremony.  It was such a great time!  I then visited family in NYC and went back to VA to celebrate my birthday weekend and attend a friend's wedding.

I visited a couple new spots that I loved and wanted to share, as well as some photos that didn't make it to the gram.  Hope you enjoy!

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Wine Tasting in Temecula

 Happy Wine Wednesday!  Today I'm sharing a new favorite spot for all my SoCal followers.  I recently visited Temecula, southern California's wine country, and had the best time at one of the newest wineries and tasting rooms, Bottaia Winery.