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Feels Like Summer

Long time no speak!  Happy Friday guys. 😃  Today I'm sharing my new favorite jumpsuit AND a coupon code you do not want to miss.

My Spring Shopping Edit

Spring is here!  Time for a wardrobe refresh.  Today I'm sharing some of my favorite pieces for your next getaway, date night, or brunch.

Happy shopping!

Beach Babe + My Fave Wrap Skirts

Flower Fields and Rainbows

Southern California got a ton of much needed rain these past couple months.  With all that rain, came beautiful blooms.  Fields of flowers have sprouted everywhere.  A couple weeks ago, Angel and I got some great shots in some flower fields right by our house.  We even incorporated a crystal prism to get some cool rainbow effects.  Hope you enjoy!

My Braces Journey with Smile Direct Club

It's official!  My 9 month journey with braces is over.  There have been good days and bad days, and today I'm sharing everything.

So let's start from the beginning...

I never really noticed that I had crooked teeth till about 18 years old.  Funny thing, it was a little kid who pointed it out.  He told a friend of mine that I would be a 10 if only I got my teeth fixed.  What a little SHIT.  Ever since that day I became super aware of my smile.  As the years past, the shifting and crowding got worse.  I started blogging and I became SUPER aware of my teeth in photographs.  Not to mention that my dentist would always bring up the "have you thought about braces" talk every time I visited.  That's when I realized  enough was enough.  If this bothered me so much, it was time for me to do something about it.  I went to my dentist and asked her to quote me for Invisalign.  She came back with a quote of $3000+ and over a year of trays.  Around this same time, my husband and I were getting ready to move overseas for 3 years.  So, I decided to wait until we got back to finally do it.

Ciao Baby