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My Pregnancy Diary: What We Added to Our Registry

 As requested (on IG) here is a quick breakdown of what we added to our registry!

Now, before I start, here are a few things:

+ I highly recommend creating a BabyList registry.  It's awesome because you get to link ANYTHING you want for all over.  Bye-bye to 100 different registries from 100 different stores.  Once you link an item, BabyList will show buyers multiple websites that sell that particular item and their prices.  Which is great for when things go on sale.  It also allows buyers to "reserve" items and come back later to purchase them without the risk of someone else scooping it up.

+ Our bigger items that I'm not able to link below include:

- Crib from Ikea
- Nursery dresser from Ikea
-Changing table from Ikea

+ I also included things like swaddles, bibs, mealtime goodies, and others from Mushie. (Totally obsessed with this brand!)  A bunch of items from Frida Baby, muslim burp clothes, crib sheets, a diaper fund, and a few clothing items.  I also added 2 different diapers and wipes brands to see which baby prefers.

If you are shopping for a new baby or in the process of creating your own registry,  hope this post is helpful! 😁 

Life Update: We Moved!

 Hey guys!  If you've been following along on IG, then you already know, BUT we have officially moved to the East Coast! 😄. On NYE we become homeowners to a beautiful new home in North Carolina!  Why NC?  Well, we're a military family and it was our time to relocate.  We are super excited and looking forward to welcoming baby boy to his first home. 💙

This whole process has been in motion since before we found out we were pregnant and I can't tell you how great it feels to finally be here.  We are settling in and unpacking little by little, with no real rush to get everything 100% done anytime soon.  Except for of course everything we will need to welcome baby home.

I'm really looking forward to sharing the whole design process with you, as well as taking you along as we explore a new state.  To start off I thought I would share some sneak peek photos the inside of our home, which we plan on turning into our own Scandinavian sanctuary.

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My Pregnancy Diary: Hello 3rd Trimester

My Pregnancy Diary: A Few of my Favorite Things

Photo by Angel Rodriguez

Happy December! 

Today I wanted to share a few pregnancy products that have become favorites over the last 2 trimesters.  I've tried to be smart with my purchases and invest in things that can easily transition into post pregnancy life and of course buying things on sale.

So let's get started! 😁
(Get ready to shop all products below!)

Baby Bump at Golden Hour