The Ghostly Roaring 20s

Happy Halloween and Happy November!! :)
They say "the freaks come out at night" and last night was no exception! For Halloween my husband and I were some fancy ghosts from the 1920s. I guess you could say we did a bit too much roaring back in our day ;) We haunted The Mansion on O Street in DC and had a great time! This mansion has over 100 rooms and more than 32 hidden doors. (We only found 1! Lmao) Here are some pics from our night...

How awesome do we look!? LOL We wanted to dress up but didn't want to spend money on costumes we were never going to wear again. The only things we did purchase (from Party City and Charming Charlie's) were the hat, cane, cigarette holder, head piece and purse.

 Happy Friday loves! Talk to you soon!