Spring is Here!

Bag: H&M $30. Shoes: H&M $25. Necklace: Streets of NYC $10

Clutch: Target $20. Shoes: Zara $40 (on sale)

Jeans: H&M $25
Top: H&M $18
Total: $43

Hey guys!!! Spring is in the air and it's time to break out some color :)

I love the little details of this outfit: the little bottons down the back of the shirt, the texture of the clutch, and the blow dryer charm on the necklace. I also love the mix match of accesories. Don't be afraid of mixing colors, it makes you stand out!


  1. Cute, I bought the same top a few days ago for $10 <=

  2. So I have the blue jeans...now I need the purple heels... Zara don't have them on their online catalog..so I will keep searching for a similar pair! <3

  3. Don't you love the jeans?!! Good luck with the shoes! Purple heels are everywhere. :)

  4. I love your top I had to get it I also paid $18 there are 2 but one is better quality fabric

  5. I know exactly which one your talking about! The other is like a tshirt material right? Well, Im glad you got one ;) Tag me in a pic when you wear it! :)