Winter Pieces on Repeat


Jacket: H&M $60, T-Shirt: JCP $15, Jeans: H&M $25, Bag: Louis Vuitton
Happy Monday!!

One Year of Blogging

Can't believe it's been a year! To all my followers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Here's a look at one year of The Bobbed Brunette... 

This year has been so much fun sharing my style with all of you! I've had some great feedback and I thank all of you for the support! I'd also like to thank the other half of this blog, my handsome photographer!
If you have any suggestions, questions or ideas for future posts please feel free to contact me at :)
Happy birthday baby blog!

Leather and Studs


Leather Jacket/Shirt: H&M $50/$15, Jeans: Levi's $80, Bag: Forever 21, Booties: Aldo
"Goooo Grease Lightning." LOL I couldn't help myself!
Happy Monday :) I'm so excited to say that The Bobbed Brunette turns 1 year old this week! To celebrate, we got a makeover! Hope you like the new layout and thank you soooooo much for following!

Denim Vest and Converse

Vest: Levi's $50, T-Shirt: H&M $10, Jeans: Forever 21 $15, Sneakers: Converse, Bag: Urban Expressions
Happy Friday!!!!
Spring is almost here and it feels so good to finally break out some color! I'm not much of a sneakers kinda girl but there is something about a classic pair of Converse! They're delicate, fun, and super comfy! I plan on getting a couple more in bright colors for Spring/Summer. Quick tip, shop the outlet! ;) (That's also where I got the vest.)
I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and safe St. Patrick's Day!

Metallic Accents and Olive Pants

Bracelets: H&M $10

Blazer: Forever 21 $30, T-Shirt: H&M $10, Pants: American Eagle $50, Flats: Old Navy $23
I love this color combo! It's so refreshing and the metallic accents add just enough personality without over powering the whole look.
Great Spring inspiration ;)
Happy Wednesday!!

Pink Laced Oxfords


Blazer/Blouse: H&M $40/$25, Jeans: American Eagle $40, Oxfords: Target $20
Happy Monday! It's time to Spring forward!
Spring is the perfect time for some colorful oxfords! Cole Haan has an awesome variety. Now, these are a bit less fancy but a lot cheaper LOL.
Have a great week :)

Simply Black


Flats: Johnston & Murphy, Bag: Michael Kors
Blazer/Peplum Top: H&M $40/$25, Jeans: American Eagle $40, Necklace: Forever21 $10 
I am a huge blazer junkie! I love them. I believe every girl should have at least 3 in their closet. There's the mandatory black blazer, a goes-with-everything-else neutral (ie. camel/beige), and the look-at-me-I'm-wearing-color blazer. I have a yellow and bright pink on my Spring wish list. They are just a great staple piece and they clean up any outfit.
I love this outfit because it is a great example on how simple can also be chic. Add a statement piece of jewelry and your set!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!