Double Denim



{Photos by Angel Rodriguez}

Denim Shirt/Jeans/Heels/Necklace: JCrew Factory $40.50/$40/$40/$42, Clutch: Michael Kors
Happy Friday love bugs!
So have I mentioned how much I love JCrew?! More importantly JCrew Factory? Now I'll admit, JCrew can be a bit expensive. This is why I live at the factory store! They have the BEST sales! Really! They very often have their whole store at 40% off and randomly even do 50% off everything. Wanna know a secret? They know my husband and I by name! LOL That's how often we're there and they honestly have the BEST customer service.
Ok, so on to my outfit....Except for the clutch, everything was purchased at JCrew Factory. The jeans and shoes were purchased at 50% off and the shirt and necklace were purchased at 40% off. Even though I pride myself on getting outfits for under $100, I think $162.50 for an outfit from head to toe isn't too shabby ;)
Talk to you guys soon! Have a great weekend!
OH! Before I forget, I wanted to share another photo with you!
While taking pictures for this post, my husband and I had a little fun with creating a double exposure photo. Now, this is Angel's first try at it and I think it looks really cool! What do you think?
Now, a multiple exposure photo is the superimposition of two or more exposures to create a single image. In this case, this photo is a combination of me and some flowers from a tree, hence "double" exposure :) Pretty cool right?
Wanna see more of his photos? Just click here

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