Dumbarton Oaks Gardens

Happy Wednesday my beautiful readers! My husband and I have been on a mission lately to visit cool places we've never been. I've always found it kind of funny that I was raised in NYC but to this day have never been to The Statue of Liberty or The Empire State Building. Why is it that locals never explore their city? Well, I'm done with that. LOL I love trying out new restaurants, exploring museums, visiting new cities and discovering historical places that I never knew existed. Since we're having so much fun, I thought I would share more of the hubs great photography and my super cool outfits with you! ;) LOL And hopefully you'll check out these places for yourself.
So far we've checked out Philadelphia's Magic Gardens and New York's Untermyer Gardens. Today's post is about DC's Dumbarton Oaks Gardens...




{Photos by Angel Rodriguez}

Blouse: H&M $17 (old), Skirt: Forever 21 $20, Bag/Flats: JCrew Factory $25/$50 

The gardens were designed by three women (woot woot), Mildred Bliss, Beatrix Farrand, and Ruth Havey. Mildred chose Beatrix to design the gardens back in 1921. In the 30s Ruth became highly involved in the design process when Beatrix moved to California. There are numerous breath taking urns, vases, fountains, benches, terraces, plants, flowers, and even a swimming pool at Dumbarton Oaks. In 1940, the Blisses gave 16 acres to Harvard University in the creation of the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection. I plan on checking out the library on my next visit. You can also find out more information here :)
Since the hot Summer days are still among us, I was finally able to wear my Forever 21 floral peplum skirt :-D I don't usually wear short skirts but I couldn't say no to this one. I just loved everything about it and for $20 it was a steal.
Well, thanks for reading! Talk to you all soon!


  1. I love the skirt! You always look lovely, the whole outfit is perfect down the the accessories, bag, and shoes. I'm from LA county, about 30 miles east of Hollywood and on a day when there's no traffic 30 miles is really not that bad but I can't tell you how many people living in my city have never seen the Hollywood sign in person or ever passed by Beverly Hills (which is really a sight to see, there's nothing like it). The only reason I've explored LA as much as I have though is because of family constantly visiting from other states/ countries and it's only mandatory that we show them those attractions. I guess locals are not easily impressed haha. But the photos look so beautiful, I hope that I can explore with my own future special someone the way you and your husband do.

    1. Awe thank you sooo much for your sweet words Christina! I used to visit San Diego all the time a few years ago when my husband was stationed there and I never saw the Hollywood sign or explored LA LOL I regret it so much now. But, I guess that means I just have to go visit again ;) I'm so happy you liked the pics :) If you are ever in the DC area I highly recommend you visit!