Black Friday Shopping Deals and Tips

Happy Wednesday! So Thanksgiving is tomorrow...woohoo! I am so ready to eat, nap, then SHOP! LOL You probably know by now that many retailors are starting their sales early this year, tomorrow at 8pm, and some even start today (details below)! Since I'm a total shopaholic I thought I'd give you the most current info on my fav stores and their Black Friday deals :) Here goes...
J.CREW- 30% off everything starting 11/27
J.CREW FACTORY- 50% off everything starting 11/27
HOLLISTER- 40% off everything starting 11/27
OLD NAVY- 50% off everything starting 7pm 11/28
AMERICAN EAGLE- 40% off everything starting 11/27
EXPRESS- 50% off everything starting 11/27
H&M- deals up to 70% off and the first 100 people in line will be given scratch-offs valued up to $300 off! Some locations will be opening at 8pm Thursday night so check your local H&M for details.
Now these are just SOME deals that will be going on. I personally like when stores do deals on everything rather than "door busters". (I never get there in time for those "busters" anyway.) That's why I mentioned these stores.
Now here are some tips for making your shopping trip as stress free as possible: 
  1. Plan your shopping out. Check out the flyers and window shop online for the items you definitely want to get. Don't waist your time and sanity wandering through the crowds. Websites like TGIBLACKFRIDAY  and RETAILMENOT have apps that you can download to your phone with all the latest Black Friday sales.
  2. Stay hydrated! Seriously! Pack your purse with water and snacks like energy bars and trail mix. Trust me, you will be out for hours and you will need the boost of energy.
  3. Stay on budget! You will be overwhelmed with great sales and you don't want to accidently spend more than you have. A good trick is to pull out cash before hand and only spend that.
  4. BE PREPARED TO STAND IN LINE! I once stood in line at H&M for hours! I think I lost count after 2hrs. Bring a book, a tablet, a magazine anything to keep you company.
  5. And last but not least, don't forget to fully charge your phone! You'll need it to look up deals, keep you company in line, and help keep you in touch with your shopping buddies in case you get lost LOL. If you have a portable charger, bring that too! 
Well, happy shopping! And I wish you all a beautiful Thanksgiving!

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