Bite Lip Lab NYC

Hey loves! I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day weekend! We decided to head up to NY since it was also my birthday. While we were there we went to the Bite Lip Lab  in Soho. I was able to make my own custom lipstick! It was so cool. I've been on the hunt for a specific dark red lippie that wasn't too dark and wasn't too brown. The Bite Lab was the perfect opportunity to create exactly what I wanted. I also brought a nail polish of the exact color with me.

Here are some pics...

Scents that can be added and combined.

I looooved it! You can add scents and choose your own lipstick tube shape. A basic custom color costs about $36. A bit pricier than your average lipstick but totally worth it! I think I'll call this color "BB Red" ;)

Here's a selfie of my new color!

Talk to you guys soon!