Fall Wish List: H&M

With Fall fast approaching, I thought I would share with you what's on my Fall "Wish List". Today's picks are all from H&M. With a wardrobe like this, I'd be fine with starting Fall a little early....ok I lied LOL. I'll miss you Summer! But I will admit these pieces are fab, so let's start...
1. Top $40
2. Skirt $35
3. Bag $35
4. Bag $40
5. Dress $30
6. Skirt $25
1. Pumps $35
2. Sandals $70
3. Hat $25
4. Hat $25
 1. Skirt $35
 2. Dress $40
 3. Biker Jacket $60

Cute right? One of the many reasons why I love H&M, is that they always have the most trendiest and affordable pieces. Don't forget that if you sign up for H&M's newsletter they will email you a coupon for 20% off an item of your choice. :)
On a side note, I'll be leaving for FL today! :) Where it's always Summer LOL so make sure to follow me on Instagram (@TheBobbedBrunette) for pics from my trip. Wishing you all a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!


  1. I really like those last three items. How would you rate the quality of H&M shoes? I haven't purchased any as of yet. Also how did you create these cool collages?

    1. I think their shoes are good for the price. I have bought some heels before and they are true to size and fairly comfortable. I would def buy more especially for the price. As for the collage, I use an app called PicFrame :) I save the photos to my phone then upload them in the app. Hope I could help! xoxo