Rent the Runway's Unlimited

Some of you may already be familiar with companies that offer monthly subscriptions for makeup, clothing, accessories, etc.. Companies like Ipsy, Birchbox, or Julep Maven. Some of you may even be familiar with Rent the Runway. (Affordable high-end designer dresses and accessories made available to rent.) Well, how amazing would it be if RTR did a monthly subscription...? My dreams have come true! Introducing Rent the Runway's Unlimited!
{Photo from RTR}

I am so excited about this! I've rented from RTR for over 3 years now and only have great things to say. They have THE BEST customer service and an amazing collection of designer pieces for every occasion. 
Here's how Unlimited works:
  • For $75 a month, you'll receive an endless rotation of designer statement accessories including handbags, jewelry, outerwear and seasonal items to choose from. (i.e. scarves, hats, sunglasses) There are thousands of statement pieces from over 100 designers. New styles are added every week and are from the current season.
  • Queue your favorite items and they'll send you 3 to start. Keep them for an unlimited amount of time and when you're ready, return 1, 2 or all 3 of your pieces. Your next shipment will contain the same number of pieces that you sent back. Shipping is free both ways and all items are insured. Shipment is determined by which pieces are available and you’ll receive a variety of items.
  • You will automatically be billed $75 (plus tax) for your membership every 30 days. This price is their special beta price so availability is limited. 
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How awesome is this?! Yes, I know with other subscriptions you get to keep the items. But, for us everyday girls with expensive taste, this opportunity works like a charm! Think of it as fashion's version of Netflix.
 Here's a peek at what's in my queue:


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