Blogger Confessions: Bloopers

Happy Thursday! I thought today I would do something different and show you some "behind the scenes" footage of what it's like on a average day with little 'ol me. Now, I know I come across pretty cool, put together, adorable, and sweet on a daily basis (which is obviously TRUE) but there is a lot of crazy in here too! A lot of that crazy seems to come out right when the camera does LOL. Now here is a confession, bloggers are normal (sometimes cray cray) people too! Gasp! Shocker right?! We are nowhere near perfect and here's the proof. Here are some blooper shots that didn't make it on the blog.




{Photos by Angel Rodriguez}

A special thank you to Angel for always putting up with me during shoots. I know I can be a handful LOL.
Love you guys!

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