Life in Astana: Food Diary

Hi guys! I thought it would be fun to share with you what life is like in our new city, Astana. Throughout our time here I will be sharing some never before seen photo diaries. Since I am such a foodie at heart, I thought I would start with a food and restaurant photo diary first.

We have been incredibly lucky with the food here. The restaurants are beautiful and the food is delicious. Many restaurants even have English menus which help! ;)

I hope you guys enjoy it!

Lamb chops from Cafe Star

Cafe Star might be my favorite restaurant here. The decor is so gorgeous. There're photos of Hollywood stars, old and new, all over. There's even a private dining room dedicated to Marilyn Monroe. 

Georgian appetizer

Georgian main course including sausage, ribs, chicken, and potatoes.

They say to be careful with seafood here because we are so far away from water. But, as you can see I refuse.

There are TONS of cafes here. I thought I would miss Starbucks but, honestly I dont. I even think the coffee here is better. Shhh dont tell! ;) 

Margarita pizza from the cutest Italian restaurant.

Lamb kabobs.

These lamb kabobs have been my favorite meal so far. So yummy and full of flavor.

Are you hungry now? Yea, me too! LOL