Winter Beauty Secrets

Hey guys! Today I'll be sharing some of my favorite beauty secrets. Most of these products you may already have in your kitchen and the other has quickly become daily favorite.

So lets get started!

As some of you may already know, this has been my first Winter in Kazakhstan. What you may not know is that the weather is extremely harsh. For example, the high today is 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) with a low of -6 and this is unseasonably warm. The water here can also be very drying, which doesn't help my hair or skin but, I think I've found the perfect solution in just 3 products.

First, let me start with body. My skin has been very dry because of the cold weather and long hot showers. Luckily, I have Sol De Janiero's Bum Bum cream. Now yes, it is a cream for your bum but I use is all over. I can't explain how delicious this cream smells and feels. If I could spread this on a cracker and eat it, I would! What's special about this cream is that it is jam packed with ingredients found in Brazil. This cream is meant for your bum because of the guarana caffeine that tightens skin and stimulates circulation. It also contains coconut oil, acai, and cupuacu butter that helps moisturize and smooth skin. This cream has honestly been the only thing that has worked with keeping my body smooth and moisturized. Best part is when I wake up and still smell it on my hands.

Second, hair. After a few months of washing my hair I noticed how dry it was becoming. The mixture of the cold weather and drying water was leaving my hair dry and dull. I remembered my mom putting mayonnaise in my hair as a kid and thought I would give it a try. THIS STUFF WORKS! After using it just one time, I immediately noticed how soft and smooth my hair felt while still in the shower. Here is what I did:
  1. While my hair was still dry, I dampened it with water.
  2. Next, I added a plentiful amount of full fat mayo to my hair and made sure to cover every inch using just my hands.
  3. After 30 minutes, I combed out my hair with the mayo still in it then simply shampooed and conditioned as normal.
It's as easy as that! I do this about once a week. The protein found in mayonnaise helps to give your hair brilliant shine, while the oil helps to moisturize. It's natural and most likely already in your kitchen.

Lastly, face. I use coconut oil on my face multiple times a night before bed. Not only does it help with locking in moisture, it also helps with chapped lips. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you have any tips or questions, please let me know. Happy Tuesday!