Exploring Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo was my favorite part of Panama City.  Below are more photos of this beautiful city as well as some of my favorite spots and recommendations. 

{Photos by Angel Rodriguez}

Tips and Things to do in Casco Viejo:

  1.  Try the beer flight and pizzas at La Rana Dorada.
  2. Visit or stay at the American Trade Hotel.
  3. Check out a speakeasy! Jeronimo was my favorite. We went twice.
  4. Visit the Mercado de Mariscos (fish market) which is walking distance from Casco Viejo. Have a yummy lunch at one of their restaurants for the freshest seafood.
  5. Grab a coffee at Unido's.
  6. Coffee shops close around 6pm. Make sure you grab your fix before then.
  7. When traveling to and from Casco Viejo, grab an Uber. They have the cheapest fares.
  8. Check out the ancient ruins.
  9. Panama uses USD! Bring cash for souvenirs.
  10. Grab lunch at La Capressa. Super yummy, healthy, and refreshing! 
  11. After lunch at La Capressa, take a walk along the water to view the beautiful skyline.
  12. Make sure your battery is charged! 
  13. Wear comfortable shoes. It's a lot of walking!
  14. The sun can be harsh. Wear sunblock to avoid unflattering tan lines. 
  15. Get lost! :)