Quarantine Diaries: 3 Weeks in Quarantine

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone is hanging in there and staying healthy.  Today I thought I would share some photos of what I've been up to (mostly what I've been eating 😂) and some tips and resources to help get you through quarantine.

Eat All The Food

Just because we're home, doesn't mean you can't still eat all the things you used to love to order at restaurants.  Now is a great time to practice new recipes and experiment in the kitchen.  Treat yourself to breakfast in bed and try new renditions of favorite recipes, like coconut flour banana bread.

Coconut flour banana bread. Recipe via Ambitious Kitchen

Celebrate Happy Hour

If you loved going to happy hour on the weekends, keep up that tradition.  Pinterest has some amazing cocktail recipes to try out.  My good friend and I have been quarantining together since both of our husbands are away most of this year.  We've tested out a bunch of cocktail recipes, as well as created our own.  It's become such a fun tradition that we're even playing around with the idea of creating our own cocktail recipe book. 

At Home Workouts

With all the extra eating and lots of sitting, don't forget to move your body.  My favorite fitness YouTube account is MadFit.  I love this account because the workouts are quick, do-able for all fitness levels, fun, and Maddie (the instructor) is so sweet.  I try and do multiple videos throughout the week plus weight training with whatever we have available.

Take Advantage of Free Resources

A lot of businesses are offering their services for free.  I've personally been taking a free digital marketing class from Shaw Academy, just because.  Some other free resources are:

- Month long free trail at Shaw Academy
-2 month free of Kindle Unlimited (Must redeem by April 30th)
-Watch HBO for free during the month of April
-Stream CBS All Access for free until April 23 with the code GIFT
-Parabo Press is offering free square prints when you use the code HAPPY through the end of April
-Scribd (e-books, magazines, and audiobooksis offering 30 days for free with no credit card

Update Your Vision Board

Let's set those intentions!

Support Local Businesses

If you're able to, purchase a gift card or order take out.  Last weekend I ordered from my local donut shop, The Goods.  If you are in the Carlsbad, CA area I highly recommend!  They are offering online ordering and in store pick up with social distancing.

Uber Eats is waiving delivery fees for all orders from independently owned restaurants through the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I hope you guys find this post helpful!  Stay safe and make smart choices!


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