My Pregnancy Diary: My Top Baby Gear Questions Answered

 Hey guys!

About two weeks ago I asked a bunch of baby related questions on my IG stories and I received a ton a great advice and recommendations.  I recently started to set up my registry and was looking for help with gear that I would most definitely need/not need, plus highly recommended brands.

Here's what the results looked like...

(Again! Thank you SO much for all your help!)

Question: What is some of your favorite tech gear and gadgets that gave you peace of mind. Has anyone used the Owlet sock?


-  A baby monitor and camera was the #1 recommended tech gadget.  Brands that were mentioned were the Angel Care Baby Monitor, Infant Tech Car Monitor, the Lollipop Camera, and the Nanit.

- Ewan the Sheep, which is a plush crib soother teddy that works as a nightlight and white noise machine.

- Baby Brezza formula dispenser.

- Nutribullet Baby food blender for homemade baby food and storage.

- Hatch Sound Machine.

- The Owlet Sock was recommended by those who had it.  It is loved and gave peace of mind. However, a few did mention that the sock increased mom's anxiety when the sock would fall off or was best as a gift because of the high price tag.


Question: Fill in the blank..."Make sure your nursery has _____!"


The 3 top recommendations were...

- Blackout curtains.

- White noise machine. (The Hatch was frequently recommended, but you can also use an Alexa, Google Assistant, or something similar.)

- Rocking chair.


Question: Favorite diaper and wipes brands. Have you tried any organic brands like Honest or Hello Bello you would recommend?

- Top rated organic brand was Honest.

- Pampers and Huggies tied for 2nd place after Honest. Target brand diapers ranked 3rd and Kirklands diapers was a super close 4th.

- Water Wipes were the most recommended wipes.

- Honest wipes were a close 2nd.

A great piece of advice for first time parents was to first try a diapers brand that has a wetness indicator strip.  It helps with getting to kn ow your baby's body and 

Another great piece of advice was to not over buy diapers and wipes before baby is born because they may be allergic.


Question: What is something you couldn't live without/wish you had more of?


Something you couldn't live w/o...

- Swaddle blankets.

- Fridababy Nosefrida Snotsucker.

- Dock-a-Tot lounger.

- Boppy Pillow for nursing.

- Baby carrier.

Things you wish you had more of...

- Diapers and wipes was #1.

- Pacifiers.

- Zip-up onesies.

- Burp cloths.

-Diaper rash cream.


Question: What is one thing you bought and never used/was a waste and would NOT recommend?


- Wipe warmer was #1.

- Diaper Genie. (You'll want to throw your smelly trash out every night. lol)


Question: Your favorite bottle brands?


The 4 top recommendations were...

- Dr. Brown was #1 by double the votes.

- Comotomo was #2.

- Philips Avent was #3.

- Tommee Tippee and MAM were tied for #4.


Question: Bassinett recommendations that are not the Snoo.


The 2 top recommendations were...

- The Halo BasiNest


I hope you guys enjoy this post!  I know how overwhelming it can be with so many options on the market, but I hope hearing other parents recommendations help.

Talk soon! 💙

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