Conscious Collection: H&M

I am OBSESSED with H&M's new Conscious Collection!! The pieces are made out of recycled and organic fabrics. Being "green" has never looked this good! The line debuts in one week, on April 12th, so keep a look out. ;)

Purple Dress: $60, Green Dress: $70

Multi-colored Dress: $70, Orange Dress: $70

Dress: $300

Dress 1: $15, Dress 2: $30, Dress 3: $30, Dress 4: $30

Shirt: $10, Blazer: $30, Skirt: $10, Dress: $50

Shirt: $30, Shorts: $30


  1. You're starting trouble Tabi! But in a good way, thanks for sharing this!! Imma be fly in MIA!

  2. Hahahahaahaha! That's what Im here for!!! It debuts in stores today. I going right after work lol I wanna visit btw!