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This post is all about my sexy ladies with curves!!

I hear all the time how difficult it can be to dress a curvy body and I hate when people say/think that shapely women can not pull off fashions favorite trends. Here are some of my favorite looks from Asos:

Black Dress: $83.50, Black & White Dress: $43.49, Floral Skirt: $60.88, Pencil Skirt: $34.79
Black Dress: $78.28, Blue Dress: $60.88, Purple Dress: $52.19, Peplum Skirt: $52.19

I LOVE! They are always on top of the seasons best trends and most of their stuff is super affordable! Plus, everyone loves free shipping and free returns! ;) When shopping, never get discouraged by sizes. I know it can be frustrating but it's all about finding clothes that looks best on YOUR body. Always fit your largest part! Whether its your breasts, hips, or bootie. Everything else can be taken in by your seamstress. When in doubt, cinch your waist! It can be with a belt, empire waist, or fitted jacket. A small waist accentuates an hour glass figure.

I've picked these looks with some of my fav fashion rules in mind:

  • Every girl needs a LBD (little black dress). 
  • Wrap dresses flatter every body type.
  • A pencil skirt is a wardrobe staple.
  • A-line cinches the waist and hides the hips.

Play around with different looks and remember, shopping should be fun!

Click here to check out more of Asos Curve line!

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