9 to 5

Morning loves :)
I wanted to do a post dedicated to all of the "9 to 5" working girls!
The September issue of People Magazine has some great tips on how to dress for work. Here are some of my favorites:
*If you work for a conservative office make sure you cover up, pick understated hues, and keep accessories simple. In your wardrobe incorporate blazers, trousers, pencil skirts, and closed-toe shoes.
*If your job is more on the creative side, go for unique shapes, play with prints, and have fun with accessories. Be "fashionable but not over the top..."
*If your office is more casual be "laid back but not sloppy". For example, jeans and flats would be more accepted.
Blouse: H&M $30, Skirt: Express $12 (sale), Shoes: Christian Siriano $30 (sale)
Don't forget to add a bit of personality! My look today is for a more conservative office. Its feminine with a sassy lip.


  1. Gorgeous outfit! sophisticated but still that little bit sexy :)

    Following you now! IF you like, check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other?

    Jess xo


  2. Thanks so much Jessica :) That's exactly the look I was going for ;) and I would love to follow your blog!