Fall Wardrobe Additions

H&M: $40
H&M: $25
H&M: $25
Hey guys :)
So, I've been obsessing over corduroy pants for the Fall. JCrew has some skinny corduroys  in beautiful colors with a zipper detail in the ankle. In the outlet they run about $80-$90 a pair :( I was heart broken because I wanted every color! LOL Well, I recently went to my favorite store, H&M, and surprise surprise. They have corduroys. They have multiple colors and a zipper detail at the ankle. So I bought 3 pairs for less than one pair at JCrew. Exciting :) I also picked up another blazer to add to my collection. This blazer was worn in my Blue and Yellow post.
ShoeMint: $80
So I bought my first pair of ShoeMint shoes and now I'm obsessed! The quality is amazing and they are surprisingly comfortable. They have a great selection of unique shoes. Wanna join? Click on my personal link and sign up, you won't regret it :) http://shmnt.co/Ss2KQc

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