Hi!! :)
This is why I love Fall! It cant get any more beautiful than this! My husband and I stumbled across this great park in Northern Virginia and couldn't get over how beautiful all the foliage was! It was like out of a movie. We might of had a little too much fun! LOL

Fur Vest: H&M (old), Blouse/Jeans: H&M $30/$25, Flats: Old Navy $22


 Oh, and before I forget...

Shades of Fall


Blazer: H&M (old), Cord: H&M $25, Heels: Charlotte Russe (old)


Spring in October



Dress: Abercrombie Outlet $15 (sale), Blazer/Shoes: H&M $40/$25
Still not ready to officially get rid of all your summer clothes? Yea, me neither! Especially with how beautiful the weather has been lately. Here's a great way of incorporating some of your pretty dresses that are still hanging around in your closet.
I love blazers! They honestly go with everything (and of course keep you warm from that Fall breeze). Pair a blazer with a sun dress and your favorite skirts for a lady like Spring in October look. Show off those legs ladies ;)




Jacket: H&M $50, T-Shirt: Forever 21 $13, Jeans: H&M $25, Boots: Steve Madden (old)

"To dream is to be moonstruck.
To have your head in the clouds.
To imagine things out of reach.
If you can dream it, you can achieve it."
"Never stop dreaming!"

Don't you LOVE this graphic tee from Forever 21? It has such a great message!
Here is another all black edgy look, just a bit more casual than Monday's post (Biker Chic). This outfit is also under $100.
Enjoy :) and talk to you guys next week! Have a great weekend!

Little Red Shoes


Blouse: H&M $30, Blazer: H&M $40, Jeans: Hollister $25, Shoes: Zara $35

Not every girl gets a chance to go Oz, but every girl should have a pair of magical red shoes! 
Happy Hump Day my lovelies!

Biker Chic





T-Shirt/Necklace/Jacket: Forever 21 $11/$10/$35, Jeans: H&M $25
Hi. My name is Tabitha and I am addicted to peplum! lol (exhale...that felt good) OK, I could not say no to this faux leather peplum jacket from XXI. It just oozed edgy sexy. I love an all black look with little pops of color and I think it worked perfectly.
Hope you like :) Happy Monday!

A Day in D.C.


Shirt/Corduroy: H&M $20/$25, Flats: Old Navy $22, Lips Pin: Marc Jacobs


Good morning!! :) How was every one's 3 day weekend? Mine was great! My sister, brother in law, and niece came to visit and we got to do the whole "DC touristy" stuff. And of course, shopping! ;-)
Talk to you guys soon :) Happy Tuesday!

Team Spirit


Blazer: H&M $40, T-Shirt: Old Navy $20, Jeans: Hollister $25 (sale), Shoes: H&M $25, Bag: JCrew
 For all my football lovers out there, this one's for you! ;-)
P.S. I <3 NY