Olive Drab

Jacket: H&M $60, Leggings: Zara $60, Heels: Nine West $60, Bag: American Eagle $25, Lipstick: MAC "Ronnie Red"
Good morning sunshine's :) Happy Monday!
I love accents of leather! One of my fav recent purchases is this cotton canvas and faux leather jacket from H&M. This jacket is a great piece to wear all year round. Now, these leggings are equally as awesome! The faux leather is only in the front (which gives your bum some breathing room). Super easy to dress up and down.
I'm also super excited to say that today marks my birthday week!! lol Yes, I'm the type of girl that likes to celebrate the whole week ;) Now since my actual birth day is on Valentine's Day, I'd like to be every ones special little valentine and give all my lovely followers 30% off one item at H&M, just click here!

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