Boyfriend Jeans


{Photos by Angel Rodriguez}

Blouse: H&M $25, Boyfriend Jeans: American Eagle $30 (sale), Heels: Nine West $60
Happy Friday love bugs!
So after what seems like 2 years, I finally found a pair of boyfriend jeans!! Yay me! I know, I'm super late but I couldn't find a pair that FIT me. Boyfriend jeans fit a lot different from your every day skinny jeans (skinnies are my life LOL). They are bigger in the hip and waist area to create that slouchy effect that you would get from wearing a man's pair of jeans. I am so used to my jeans fitting tight or, painted on as my aunt would say, so my initial reaction was confusion LOL. I didn't know if I loved or hated them. During American Eagles Memorial Day sale I purchased this pair off their website and I must say I got a great deal. I still need to get used to them feeling slouchy but I think they look great!
I paired them with a soft blouse, minimal accessories and some nude heels for an easy look. I cant wait to wear these BF jeans again or as us hitched girls would say, husband jeans ;)
Have a great weekend everyone, talk to you soon!


  1. I bought my first pair of boyfriend jeans last year, and I know exactly how you feel. I thought about sending them back after trying them on for the first time, but I kept them and they grew on me. It does feel weird wearing them at first because they are so loose, but they look great with heels! Love your outfit!


    1. Yes!!! lol It's def something to get used to but they look great! Glad you held on to yours ;)

  2. Very gorgeous the heels and colour combination!