White, Peach, and Floral



{Photos by Angel Rodriguez}

Blazer/Pants: H&M $30/$40, T-Shirt/Bag: JCrew Factory $13/$35, Aviator Sunnies: RayBans
Happy Hump Day lovely readers! Oh how I've missed you! I hope every one's week is going smoothly. 
Ever get in one of those fashion moods that you just throw things together? Well, this is my "random outfit" LOL. I must admit that I felt kinda Miami Vice in this look. LOL I mean I have the whole white blazer, aviator, and tee shirt look going on ;) Thank goodness I threw on the floral pants.
Anyways, I love my new Ray Bans sunglasses! Aviators are very in right now. I opted out of getting the trendy reflective pair because I wanted something more timeless and I'm really happy with them. Also, thank you to everyone who joined my giveaway :) Winners were announced yesterday and I hope you ladies enjoy your new cell accessory.
Talk to ya soon!