Not Afraid to Fall...

Well, fall for Fall fashion that is!
Hey love bugs! I'm sure we all have noticed that Fall fashion is EVERYWHERE! Beautiful as the pieces may be, I kinda feel bad for Summer :-/ All that stuff is on sale LOL (so go rack up). Seriously, I'm going to miss the heat, bare legs, sun kissed skin, and all the sexy little outfits we can get away with because "it's so hot out"! ;)

But, I'm super excited for Fall fashion!! It's like everyone's favorite season and you can wear sooo many different things, even at the same time if you want (PS- layering is so in! Talk about that later). So I thought I would share some of my research with you so we all can be super chic and trendy together!

Glamour magazine had some great advice on what will be "in" and how to where it.

Let's start with the beanie!

We saw this coming! LOL Last year beanies were everywhere. So take a chance and chic up a beanie. Also trending are fedoras, floppy knits, and baseball caps.
Next, green!
More importantly emerald! I LOVE this color! It's so rich and great on all complexions. You can incorporate this color in your shoes or bags as well as other accessories. Also, don't be afraid to pair this color with other vibrant jewel tones. ;)
Next, slouchy pants.
Finally, my legs can breath! Who am I kidding, I love my tight jeans! LOL But I do love this look. H&M has some great loose-fit pants for just $25! ;)
Can't forget classic patterns!
Leopard, plaid, pinstripe, and houndstooth, for example. Embrace these prints and add your own twist!
Over the knee boots anyone? Yes please!
Still iffy about these boots? Try a pair of leather leggings and booties instead!
Next is Winter white.
Now this look is super easy to recreate at any budget. Just stay away from Summer/Spring pieces and stick more to knits, jeans, and jackets.
Be bold with statement outerwear!
What an easy and quick way to spice up any outfit! Just remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple. Honestly, you can have your pajamas on underneath and no one would know! LOL
Next, turtlenecks.
Some of you might be thinking, "yawn", but I've always kinda liked turtle necks. They look great under those statement coats, tucked in a pencil skirt, and keep you warm without adding bulk.
Folk pieces?!
Yes! LOL Folk pieces! Try pairing it with black and you'll never go wrong.
And last but not least, rounded shoulders,
Try incorporating this trend with drop sleeve sweatshirts, cocoon coats, and cocktail dresses with statement sleeves.
Some other great style tips that I loved were not to forget about peplum, leather, and military inspired pieces! Try including colored leather pieces instead of the go to black and add feminine lace to your military inspired ones! Layering will also be big, like always. Don't go too crazy with mixing too many colors and patterns, it'll overwhelm you. Try mixing textures with your pants, skirts, and tops. For example, a sheer dress over leather pants ;)
Fashion is supposed to be fun! Don't take it to seriously and always remember it's your own personal style that brings these clothes to life!
Which are your favorite trends?! 

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