Fall Wish List

As I sit here at work on this beautiful Friday the 13th, with no Internet (Coincidence? I think not), I have this overwhelming need to online (thank God for smart phones) window shop for some Fall essentials. :-D I mean, what else is a girl to do! When bored, shop!! Here are some of my favorite pieces from H&M...

Double-Breasted Coat: $30, Wool Coat: $149
This dark blue double breasted coat is a must! Especially because of its price! I've been obsessed with menswear inspired outfits lately and I love the androgynous feel of these two coats. 

Cape: $60
I tried this cape on and fell in LOVE! I am def going back for this! So Chic!
Turtle Neck Sweater: $35, Fine-Knit Dress: $24
Turtle necks and the color green are huge trends for the Fall. I love pairing these long sweaters with tights, boots, booties, and faux leather pants.
Double-Breasted Blazer: $50
I love blazers! The end.
Faux Leather Pants: $10, Dark Blue Suit Pants: $35
I feel like leather is the new denim and I love the olive color of these. Dress pants are a must! I like that these aren't the normal black and I love the cut.
Wool Hats: $18, Faux Fur Collar: $30, Floppy Wool Hat: $20
I really want to get into wearing hats more often. Not only do they hide a bad hair day, but they chic up an outfit! This fur is ugh-ma-zing! It looks small in this picture but it is BIG! LOL A good chic big. Every girl needs some fur and I love the blue-black color of this one.
All these items can be found on line here :) What's on your Fall wish list? I'd love to hear!
Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the wool coats and the dark suit pants...but we've been over this so I'm biased haha Really want to go online and buy those two items myself, the wool coat is so affordable and seems like such a nice cut and those suit pants are a wonderful navy color and they have a whole color block thing going on. Good choices!

    1. Hahahaha yes!! I really need that wool coat! lol I also love the black trim on the suit pants, just gives it that little extra umph! :)