Snow Day



{Photos by Angel Rodriguez}

Coat: H&M $40, Corduroys: American Eagle $30 (sale), Boots: Cole Haan, Bag: H&M $30, Hat: Aldo, Gloves: H&M
So I guess its safe to say Winter is officially here? I mean with all the snow and all. LOL
I love how pretty nature looks with a little snow. Everything looks so peaceful and bright. I even don't mind the cold. As long as I'm bundled up of course! This was our first time shooting with snow and it was a lot of fun.
One down fall with it being so cold out is trying to show off your personal style while wearing a coat. It's hard trying to be cute when it's 20 degrees out. That's why statement outerwear and cold weather accessories are so important. I love wearing colored jeans and/or corduroys with a neutral coat because it adds more color to what can be a bland outfit. And don't forget to add those hats, scarves, and cool gloves! :)


  1. Lovely post!! I usually don't have the opportunity to wear layers that often because I live in the South. It was 80 degrees most of this week. I was wearing skirts and short doesn't feel like Christmas time at all lol

    Enjoy the rest of your week! Stay warm!

    1. Hahaha awww. I used to live in FL so I know exactly what you mean! Thanks and happy holiday's!! xoxo