Heels, Love, Makeup, and Midi Skirt




{Photos By Angel Rodriguez}

T-Shirt: PLSCO $15, Skirt: H&M $50 (Similar here), Clutch: JCrew (gift), Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Hello beauties! I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! Yesterday's weather was great so I was finally able to wear this full midi skirt. I have been searching high and low for a classic skirt like this (that wasn't $100+) and finally found one at H&M. I love how feminine it is! Makes me feel like a 1950s house wife. I was going for a more casual modern look, so I opted for a tee and statement necklace. This skirt can also be worn with a crop top, classic white collar shirt, or chunky sweater. I'm really looking forward for Spring so I can wear it more often :)
Talk to you guys soon! Oh, and happy snow day!


  1. So, I'm editing outfit photos to post tomorrow...and my outfit is definitely a blue version of your outfit! LOL! Crazy, right?! Midi skirts are the best!! Your skirt is really nice! I never see cute stuff like that when I go to H&M :(


    1. Hahaha great minds ;-) Can't wait to see yours! I've learned my lesson & now I order online.