Camo and Converse


Necklace: JCrew Factory $25 (sale)

{Photos by Angel Rodriguez}

"Kiss Kiss" T-Shirt: JCrew Factory $17 (sale), Denim Jacket: JCrew Factory $40 (sale), Camo Pants: JCrew Factory $40 (sale), Purse: Coach Outlet $100 (sale), Converse $40
Hi Guys! Happy Friday!
I went a little crazy at the outlet mall a couple weeks ago. I mean, I couldn't help myself! Everything I purchased was 50% off so "yay" for me! LOL I really LOVE the JCrew Factory store. They always have beautiful pieces and there is always a sale. I purchased the t-shirt, denim jacket, camo pants, and necklace while they were all 50% off and spent about $122. Not bad if I do say so myself!
I've also been wanting a pair of classic All-Star Converse for the Spring/Summer so I purchased those as well. They're just so versatile and perfect for girls like me who don't wear sneakers often. 
Well, I hope you guys have a fab weekend!


  1. I have the same tee and I absolutely love it. I had never considered pairing it with camo but after seeing this look, I think they're meant to be together! Thanks for the style inspiration, lady :)