Packing for Barbados

Hey guys! This Christmas my husband and I are going on an island getaway to Barbados! This morning on my Insta stories I shared a few videos on what I'm planning on taking with me. Since some of the pieces are new and still in stock I decided to share them here so you can shop the looks.

A lot of the pieces are from Forever 21 so they are super affordable. I love Forever because they always have great trendy pieces for all seasons.

So a few tips for packing-

First, I like to lay everything out. With everything out and in display I can see what I'm missing. One of the most important things I've learned about packing is to pack in outfits. It saves space in your suitcase and time at your destination. I used to pack a bunch of things that went with each other without actually trying them together. Now, I bring outfits that I have tried on beforehand. I usually pack 2 outfits per day. A casual outfit and a dinner outfit.  

You never know what to expect while on vaca or what might pop up. So I pretty much pack for every scenario.  What I try to do to save space in my suitcase is to pack looks that don't require a lot of pieces. I love dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers because they are their own outfit.

In the outside pockets of my suitcase I put my swimsuits, PJ's, and undergarments so they are easy to grab. Anything that I will be using on a daily basis or multiple times a day, go on the outside.

Toiletries, accessories, and makeup get packed in their own baggies. I always pack my clothes and shoes away from each other and the baggies and any hats in the middle.

Here's  a peek at what I'm bringing...

Shop the looks below! :) You can also get a better look at the pieces on my Insta stories. (@TheBobbedBrunette)

Can't wait to share Barbados with you!


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