Makeup Talk: Clarins 3-Dot Liner Review

Happy Monday!

Today I have a fun post for you.  I will be testing out a new eye liner from Clarins that claims to give you the look of fuller lashes without the falsies.  So let's get started!

{Photos by Angel Rodriguez}

Liner: c/o Clarins: $28 (Thank you Clarins for sponsoring this post!)

We all know fuller lashes are every womans dream.  We all want them and some of us will do anything to have them.  If you are like me, I only wear false lashes on special occasions or extra fancy date nights and I've never bitten the bullet and paid for lash extensions.  Insert the 3-dot liner.  This liner is special because the 3 lines make it super easy to get in between each individual lash.  Instead of a harsh dark line, you get a more natural full lash look.

Here's how I used it:

I made small "dot" marks in between my upper lashes, then in the water line. Think of tight lining.  That gave the illusion of a darker and fuller lash line.

Then I moved on to my lower lashes.  Here is where you can really notice the difference.  I repeated the same small "dot" marks in between each lash, then applied mascara to finish the look.

At first, I was super curious and maybe a little skeptical in how this would really work.  I am happy to say that I actually liked the product!  It is very easy to use and I really saw the difference.  For the ultimate test, I did one eye and asked 2 men if they saw any difference in the two.  They immediately said yes and pointed to the eye with the "fuller lashes".  After that I was sold!  Ha-ha

Next time I plan on creating a winged liner look I'm going to use this 3-dot liner.  I can imagine how easy it'll be to just connect the dots.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.  I've inked the liner below for easy shopping.