Monday, May 15, 2017

Makeup Talk: Clarins 3-Dot Liner Review

{Photos by Angel Rodriguez}

Liner: c/o Clarins: $28 (Thank you Clarins for sponsoring this post!)

Happy Monday!  Today I have a fun post for you.  I will be reviewing a new beauty product from Clarins, their 3-Dot Liner eyeliner. :)

We all know fuller lashes are every womans dream.  We all want them and some of us will do anything to have them.  If you are like me, I only wear false lashes on special occasions or extra fancy date nights and I've never bitten the bullet and paid for lash extensions.  Insert the 3-dot liner.  This liner is special because the 3 lines make it super easy to get in between each individual lash.  Instead of a harsh dark line, you get a more natural full lash look.

Here's how I used it:

I made small "dot" marks in between my upper lashes, then in the water line. Think of tight lining.  That gave the illusion of a darker and fuller lash line.

Then I moved on to my lower lashes.  Here is where you can really notice the difference.  I repeated the same small "dot" marks in between each lash, then applied mascara to finish the look.

At first, I was super curious and maybe a little skeptical in how this would really work.  I am happy to say that I actually liked the product!  It is very easy to use and I really saw the difference.  For the ultimate test, I did one eye and asked 2 men if they saw any difference in the two.  They immediately said yes and pointed to the eye with the "fuller lashes".  After that I was sold!  Ha-ha

Next time I plan on creating a winged liner look I'm going to use this 3-dot liner.  I can imagine how easy it'll be to just connect the dots.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.  I've inked the liner below for easy shopping.


  1. Sounds like a really cool product! I'll have to check it out.

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  2. Loved these beauty palettes would like to include in my makeup kit. I found that the colors are very dark and bright. I like dark and bright colors especially the cherry colors.

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