Brunette x Soho Vibes

I'm baaaack! 

I know it's been a while since my last post.  I was back on the east coast for a wedding and visiting NYC.  It was a fantastic time and we're looking forward to staying put for a little while.

I got tons of love on this "brunette" sweater when I posted it on my Instagram, so I thought I would start off my recap with the full look.

{Photos by Angel Rodriguez}

Sweater: Zara $40, Skirt: Zara $30, Sneakers: New Balance, Bag: H&M $10 (sale/sold out)

This day started off with a trip to Soho and an immediate stop at the closest Zara.  It was obviously love at first site with this "brunette" sweater.  (They also have a "blonde" and "ginger" version.)  I paired it with this faux leather mini skirt and headed straight to the dressing room to change.  My lame t-shirt and jeans just didn't seem to cut it anymore.  I repeated this sweater about 3 more times during our stay in NY, it was that comfy!

I've linked both pieces in the photos caption above as well as the accessories below.

Wishing you all a great Hump Day!  Talk soon!