A Bobbed Brunette Hair Story

Finally, the bob is back.  It's been a (long) while since my last hair cut and I absolutely LOVE the results!  Today I'm bringing you along through the process, sharing photos, and info on the salon.  Plus I got your questions answered by my talented stylist Allie!

So let's get started...

The Salon

First, the where.  Jayden Presleigh Salon and Spa is the cutest salon in Carlsbad Village, southern California.  Choosing this salon was a no brainer because I know first hand how great they are.  Fun fact, I am the social media coordinator for their sister company Jayden P Boutique.

My hair was done by one of their senior designers, Allie Hessey.  We had plans to cut my hair into a blunt bob for weeks and we finally did it last Friday.  

Here's a little peek at the salon.

One last look at the before.

The Cut

Your Questions

Last week on my Instagram account,  I asked for you guys to send in any questions you had about hair, styling, hair health, etc.  I asked Allie for her professional opinion and she answered them all.

Q-  Just chopped my hair due to lots of damage. Any styling tips for short hair?

A- Half top knots.  Add a loose wave.  Experiment with hair accessories like using a scarf as a headband.

Q- How can I add volume to my thin and straight hair? My hairstyle is so boring, HELP?

A- Try using a volume spray.  (Allie recommends Davines Volu Hair Mist)  Blow dry with a round brush at the crown of your head for more lift and fullness.  When curling with a curling iron roll and pin curls until cool, about 10 min. before styling.  Adding curls and waves are always a good idea to add volume.  Avoid getting layers if you have thin hair.  Layers make ends of hair appear thinner. 

Q- What are good products for hair growth?

A- Hair, skin, and nail vitamins.  Make sure to get frequent trims.  Hair tends to break off when you don't.  If you have damaged hair, trims every 6 weeks until healthy are recommended.  Also, having a healthy diet and eating spinach helps with hair growth.

Q- Can red L'Oreal for dark hair be removed to get either chocolate brown or balayage?

A- Get a consultation from your stylist to discuss your hair and what state it's in.  It is possible, just might take a few sessions.

Q- How do you keep your hair looking so shiny and soft?

A- First, thank you!!  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I've never colored my hair.  Virgin hair always looks the healthiest.  I drink lots of water and try my best with eating healthy.  I also use shampoos and conditioners for moisture.  Since I work from home I'm able to look a mess.  Days will past where I don't style my hair/add heat to it.  Plus I carry a comb with me everywhere to smooth out tangles. 

Thank you for the questions!  I hope these answers help.

The Final Look

It's amazing how something as simple as getting a haircut can give you so much confidence.  Again, special thanks to Allie for doing such a great job!  And thank you to all my girlies at Jayden Presleigh Salon for being so great and helping with the photos.

Wishing you all a great weekend!


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