Life Update: I Moved to Cali!!

It's official, I moved to sunny southern California!  A couple months ago I shared a personal post (here) where I talked about all the crazy cool stuff I've been up to over the past 3 years.   Now we're back in the States and more crazy cool stuff has happened!  

Today I wanted to share some photos and details on the past 40+ days.  I hope you enjoy!

Almost 3 weeks ago we finally moved into our new home!  We've had so much fun shopping and planning how we want to decorate.   While living overseas we lived in furnished homes.  I'm REALLY looking forward to having my own furniture back next month.  For now, this is our living room.  We have tons of comfy pillows and even bought our first plant, his name is Apollo.   And we got a new TV after like 9 years so life is pretty complete. 😂

I'm getting braces!  I've been wanted Invisalign for years and now that I'm stateside I'm finally able to get them.  Angel surprised me with an appointment with Smile Direct Club.  They're clear aligners just like Invisalign, but they skip the middle man so it's less expensive and you get all your trays at once.  Mine should be coming in the mail in the next few weeks.  Can't wait to share the process with you.

Practicing my Cali diet with fish tacos. LOL

It's a Chevrolet Volt.  It's a hybrid which means she runs on gas and electricity.  It's so cool driving.

Currently collecting all the succulents.

Palm trees are literally everywhere. 😍🌴

My 1st Cali outfit post.

The beautiful view from the Oceanside beach pier.

So many things to be happy about and grateful for.  Still getting settled in but it already feels like home.  Can't wait to share more of our new home and city with you guys!

Talk soon!

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