Life Update: What I've Been Up To These Past 3 Years

Life is all about adventure.  Whether it's good or bad, it's meant to mold us into the people we are meant to be.  These past 3 years have been adventuresome, to say the least.  As a young girl I would have NEVER guessed in a million years that this would be my life.  I honestly thought that the furthest I would ever go from home, on the East coast, would be California.  I would have never thought that I would see some of the most beautiful countries this planet has to offer, let alone live overseas, in two different countries, these past 3 years.

In 2015 my husband and I moved to Astana Kazakhstan (that giant country right below Russia) and in late 2016 we moved to Georgetown Guyana in South America.  I know you must be wondering why.  Would you believe me if I told you that I'm considered a diplomat?  😳  Crazy, I know.  Let me explain...

That big white building behind me is the Presidential Palace.  Think of it as KZ's version of our White House.

For those of you that don't know, my husband is in the military.  Back in 2015 he graduated school to become a Detachment Commander in the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group, whose mission is to provide security at US Embassies and Consulates throughout the world.

Because of this new job we were able to move to two countries and work at two embassies.

That giant tent structure is a mall! I did all my best shopping there.

Our first embassy was in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.  We lived there for about a year and a half.  For about half that time I was also able to work at the embassy.  I was the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.  My responsibilities were to work directly with the security office to ensure our community would be prepared for an emergency/natural disaster.  I had the best time doing that job.  Best office, best bosses, and the best experience.  I was also the first person to ever hold that position.  It's one of my most proudest accomplishments.

My love for tea (and tea parties) comes from KZ. I will always be a coffee girl but I will always thank KZ for teaching me about tea.

I also learned a little Russian!  Probably one of the most difficult languages to learn, for me at least, but so rewarding.  I was so proud when I was finally able to greet strangers and order food. Lol

The language barrier was difficult at first.  It took a little while to get a hang of it, but luckily we had friends to help translate.  Sometimes Angel and I still say little words and phrases in Russian to each other.  We miss it.

My kitchen is full of these Uzbek gorgeous hand painted ceramic kitchenware. All purchased at a market in KZ.

In 2015 I experienced my first ballet in an opera house! I felt like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman".

We then moved to Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, late 2016.  Our little piece of the Caribbean in South America.  We lived in the most beautiful house, which really didn't help with my introvert-ness. 😂  We ate too many plantains, too much curry, and drank too much coconut water. (And rum.) 

Snackettes are everywhere selling yummy Guyanese food.  My favorites were bake and salt fish, and shark and plantain fries. 

Shark and plantain fries from my favorite fish shop.

They speak English in Guyana so we didn't have to learn a different language this go around.  The embassy is smaller than the one in Astana so the community is a bit closer, which was nice.  The weather was always sunny and in the mid 80s unless it was raining.  We had a forever summer. 🌞

The streets are full of bright colors and advertisements. I had fun matching them. lol 

A few months ago we were able to experience our first Holi.  It's a Hindu Spring festival.  I created a post with some really cool pictures, you can check it out here!

Celebrating our first Holi, the Hindu festival of colors.

I am so grateful for these past 3 years.  We were able to travel to countries that I would have never dreamed visiting.  Experienced so many different cultures and met the sweetest people.  I've made forever friends from both countries and created memories that I look forward to sharing with my future children.

Now we are back home in NYC!  Our time doing embassy duty has officially come to end and we are back in the USA for good.  (Or at least the next few years.)  Our next stop?  The West coast!  We are SO excited!  We move in the next few weeks, so for now we're enjoying the East coast.

One last thing...

I think it's so cool to share with you guys what we've been up to these past few years.  Sometimes being a blogger or a woman into clothes, makeup, etc., can come with a little stigma.  I think it's important to point out that there are woman out there that blog or use Insta as a business, that also hold the coolest daytime jobs.  Whether they are lawyers, doctors, nurses, service members, work for the government, small business owners, etc.  I can't tell you how many times I've surprised people with the fact that I've been to college or held the position I did in Kazakhstan.  People can be ignorant, sometimes in the most innocent ways, and it's okay to let them know.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Don't forget to follow along on Insta for our adventures before the big move.  Talk soon!



  1. Such an amazing post....thank you for sharing, it is definitely refreshing to see the real work behind being a fashion blogger. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard (or even thought myself) that fashion bloggers were just individuals that are well off financially or just has a hubby or parent providing for them which lets them focus on blogging. Ignorant, I know haha, but I’ve learned the truth behind many great blogs and yours just sums it up perfectly. Love you Tabi!

    1. Kathy! Thank you sooo much for this comment. Your support means everything to me. Love you!

  2. Loved this!! Been following you since your Virginia days and was hoping you were gonna say you were staying in the east coast! But cant wait to see what the west coast has in store! Love yout blog!

    1. :-D hi!! Thank you so much for reading! I miss living in VA but I’m so excited to see what the west coast has to offer! Should be a lot of fun. Xoxo

  3. Wow. You are so fortunate to have been able to accomplish so much in three years. Your travels have been rewarding and an experience for a lfe've had a wonderful and amazing partner as your guide. I always new you would go all the way. I wish you and Angel luck and prosperity where ever your journey takes you. Love you.

  4. Thank you for sharing! Been following you for a while and your posts are so refreshing and inspiring! So excited for you to live on this side!!! Best wishes to you and your husband!!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Been following you for a while and your posts are always so refreshing and inspire me to take better care of how I look! Welcome to the west coast! Excited to see all your adventures and wish you both the best!!!